Doing Business In The Halal Market: Products, Trends And Growth Opportunities

The Muslim religion is the second largest and fastest growing religion in the world, with Muslim consumers expected to reach 26 percent of the global population by 2030. Muslim consumers seek products that cater to their religious needs and comply with Islamic requirements: from halal production process to halal labelling and packaging. The lack of permissible offerings has led to a surge in demand, as Muslims grow hungry for trendy products and services adapted to their lifestyle.

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Doing Business in the Halal Market: Products, Trends and Growth Opportunities examines the specific challenges and opportunities present for a variety of products, from beauty and personal care, apparel, food and beverage, to tourism applicable for key halal markets across the globe.

This white paper assesses the potential for businesses considering tapping into halal and Muslim consumer markets; helping them to understand halal certification and the demand for standardisation across the food industry, and identify halal market opportunities in Southeast Asia, China, Western Europe and Australasia. Each analysis will address how businesses can compete in the halal market, highlighting its development as well as potential for the future.


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