A-Z Of Franchising: H Is For Hand-holding

For novice business owners, the biggest attraction of joining a franchise is that the franchisor provides mentorship and guidance throughout the duration of the franchise agreement. From the initial setup phases to operations, franchisees will be taught the “right” way of doing things.

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However during negotiations, in the pursuit for franchise sales, some franchisors might exaggerate or provide misleading insights into the type and level of franchise support provided. In such a situation, this leads to the inevitable outcome where franchisees feel they are not getting their money’s worth, afterwhich feeling resentment, or even taking legal action. For franchisees to avoid this, the key is to find a franchisor that actually sticks to their word and do what they say they will. And the best way for franchisees to protect themselves is to have all the franchisor commit to these responsibilities in the franchise agreement in black and white.

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