FLA Announces The Launch Of New Membership Categories

Franchisee, Licensee, and Startup Memberships to Expand Opportunities

The Franchising & Licensing Association (Singapore) – FLA announces the immediate availability of new memberships: Franchisee Membership, Licensee Membership, and Startup Membership (with 3 business units or less). According to FLA Chairman Karen Eidsvik, “The objective of the new membership classes is to allow for the creation of new opportunities for more people interested in the industry”.


About New Memberships

Franchisee and Licensee Memberships will improve their representation in the industry. Individuals or companies joining as members will be exposed to educational workshops, networking events, and exercise of best practice in the industry. Membership is $1,000 per annum.

Start-up Memberships will benefit the many budding entrepreneurs that need the networking and information from franchising and licensing networks solid with years of experience through networking events and workshop sessions. Assistance for shows, overseas missions, and trainings are available with a membership price tag of $500 per annum. Jean-Jacques (JJ) Lavigne, FLA Executive Director explains: “Interestingly, Singapore is now truly turning into a platform for young entrepreneurs and business owners. Those who quickly realize that business scalability is key, then franchising and licensing are very valid options to explore. The sooner the thought gets planted, the faster the business is likely to grow.”


The new memberships are available today, more information and application forms can be retrieved online from FLA’s website.

Franchising and Licensing Association (Singapore) (FLA), started as Singapore's national franchise hub, FLA assists its members in growing their network, their international presence, knowledge and expertise and of course credentials through compliance to FLA’s code of ethics that participate to self-regulate the industry but also workshops, tradeshows, training programs and networking sessions among others. Members include companies such as Subway, Ya Kun, Casa Italia (ex-Gelateria), SnapPrint, MyGym, Just Education, Kindergolf, Autosaver and many more.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. JJ Lavigne or Ms. Judy Ong
163 Tras Street, #09-04 Lian Huat Building, Singapore 079024
Tel: (65) 6333-0292 Fax: (65) 6333-0962
Email : info@flasingapore.org

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