International Marketing Activities Programme (iMAP) - Funding Your Enterprise Reach

Introduced in 2002, the International Marketing Activities Programme (iMAP) is a Singapore government initiative to enable local companies to access business opportunities when participating in activities led by Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce.


The iMAP grant is overseen by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, the government agency driving Singapore’s external economy. For the past 30 years, IE Singapore has been spearheading the overseas growth of Singapore-based companies and promoting international trade, with a vision of a thriving business hub in Singapore with globally competitive companies and leading international traders.

To date, iMAP has helped provide funding to over 9,700 participating companies while covering approximately 1,500 business missions and international trade fairs around the world.

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How Does iMAP Work?

Subsidized Funding For Expenses

Depending on the country where the event is being held, iMAP provides subsidies of up to 70% for eligible core expenses. Examples of core expenses can be seen in rental of exhibition space, booth construction cost, and fair or mission consultancy expenses.

Eligibility Criteria For Companies

To be eligible for iMAP, companies need to meet the following criteria:

  • Incorporated or registered in Singapore.
  • Have minimum 3 of the following core business functions or activities operating in Singapore
    • Market development and planning.
    • Logistics and shipping management.
    • Research and development and design functions.
    • Manufacturing and other value-added activity.
    • Business and investment planning.
    • Banking, financial and tresury functions.

Reimbursement For Expenses

The organizing Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce will be responsible for all expenses related to the activity and will seek reimbursement from IE Singapore on behalf of participating companies when they partipate in iMAP-supported events or are part of the Singapore Pavilions at international trade fairs. Following which, dispersement of funds will also be performed by the respective Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce.

Note: IE Singapore will not be responsible to participating companies and vendors in the event that the organizing Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce defaults in making payment to them.

Additional Subsidy For Overseas Activities

Companies participating in iMAP-supported activities outside Singapore may also apply for Double Tax Deduction for Internationalization Scheme (DTD) in accordance to its terms and conditions. Such claims are only applicable for expenses not covered under iMAP - an example is travel and accommodation for up to 2 representatives per company.

How Do Companies Apply For iMAP?

Companies that are interested to participate in iMAP can start by identifying suitable iMAP-supported actvities at IE Singapore’s Events Calendar, then contacting the relevant Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce for application or updates.

Learn More About iMAP

For more information, contact IE Singapore’s Customer Service Centre at 1800-IESPORE (1800-4377673) or +65 63376628. Alternatively, the iAdvisory Centre is open for walk-in enquiries at Level 10 Bugis Junction Office Tower (open on weekdays 9am to 6pm).

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