Singapore Franchise Training School


Singapore Franchise Training School (SFTS) is the pioneer franchise institution in Singapore established to provide in-depth franchise related training services to various levels of the organization. Its mission is to enable, enrich and empower entrepreneurs, business owners, franchisors and franchisees to develop strong and successful foundations for building their franchise systems.

SFTS offers customized training programs for franchisors ranging from Leadership Mentoring, Franchise Development Training, as well as Franchise Operations Manual Development. More importantly, SFTS also offers training courses to assist franchisors in the development and implementation of customized training programmes, including Franchise Operations Training, Front-of-House and Back-of-House Training and Brand Communications Training.

Whilst covering various topics within the franchise sector, SFTS will also focus on developing in-depth insights into diverse franchising sector verticals ranging from F&B to retail, education, services and more. The courses at SFTS also provide a great opportunity to gain industry recognition, network with potential partners and improve professional standing in the business community.

The hallmark of SFTS is their franchise training faculty of practising consultants, experienced franchisors and successful franchisees. Course attendees will be trained by industry practitioners who bring with them a wealth of knowledge in research, training and industry experience. SFTS's training faculty is also Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) certified.