Global Franchise Masters - Deploying Forward Thinking Brands Around The World


The journey of a franchise business going international is strewn with many difficulties and hurdles for a franchisor. These difficulties include identifying and negotiating with the ideal master licensee, localizing the concept, and supporting the master licensee for growth and high performance. Although franchisors have the ability to teach franchisees how to excel in their business, teaching master licensees on how to become ‘franchisors’ takes a different set of skills and knowledge that the franchisor may not possess.

The Scenario Ends Up looking Like This

The master licensee launches operations of several company outlets to test the concept in their country. After positive results, the master licensee begins efforts at franchising and here is where the problems begin. The master licensee is stuck and overwhelmed with the additional complexity of being a franchisor. They are not adequately equipped with the knowledge and experience of successful recruitment, training and support of franchisees. Plus the franchisor is ill prepared to mentor and guide a master licensee to perform the role of a franchisor effectively. The end result is that you have two well-intentioned parties not fully happy with each other and neither happy with the results at hand.

This Is Where Global Franchise Masters (GFM) Comes In

GFM is not a development broker or consultant, but instead an international extension of the franchisor focused on creating success through rapid development and operational excellence. With an extensive network of prominent franchise professionals, the uniqueness of GFM is in its expertise in supporting master licensees to maximize their true potential for high performance.

Taking Forward Thinking Brands And Deploying Them At An Accelerated Pace

‘The GFM Way’ ensures that the franchise grows at a much faster pace than would have been organically possible and that the master licensee of the brand is successful in opening many franchises under their umbrella and in ensuring that the franchisees are immensely successful.

What Exactly Will GFM Do For Your Franchise Business?

1. Identifying the right master licensee.

2. Getting the master licensee to open additional units at a pace acceptable to the franchisor.

3. Getting the master licensee's franchisees to operate at expected standards.

How Does It Work?

Once a master licensee is selected by the franchisor, they will be trained comprehensively by the franchisor on how to run the business of the brand. The uniqueness of the GFM approach ensures that the master licensee will be given exhaustive training on: How to be a Successful Master Licensee. This comprehensive franchise-oriented master license training is followed up with proactive mentoring and coaching by GFM to ensure that the master licensee have the tools and skills sets required for high performance and maximum success.

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