Certified Franchise Executive Programme (Singapore)

The Certified Franchise Executive™ (CFE) Programme, launched by the International Franchise Association USA in 1991, is the only internationally recognized professional development programme designed for franchise executives by franchise executives.

Organized by Franchising and Licensing Association (Singapore) in collaboration with the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives USA (ICFE), this career development programme is now for the first time available in Singapore. It offers aspiring franchise professionals and franchise entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn, grow professionally and reach a recognized standard of excellence within the local and international franchising community.


The mission of the ICFE is to enhance the professionalism of franchising by certifying the highest standards of quality training and education. ICFE offers a wide range of continuing education programmes for professional development. Meeting the requirements of the CFE programme and completing the course of study leads to the Certified Franchise Executive™ designation.

Known and respected by franchise leaders around the world, CFE is a mark of distinction which offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Expanded Knowledge - The educational opportunities provided by the CFE programme will help you gain in-depth insights into and understanding of every aspects of franchising, thereby preparing you for future leadership in the industry.
  • International Industry Recognition - The CFE designation is a symbol of leadership and accomplishment highly regarded by the international franchising community. Its presence after your name on business cards and stationery is tangible evidence of your achievement and ability.
  • CFE Alumni Group - The CFE Alumni group is open to all CFEs in good standing. The purpose of this group is to foster communications and networking among CFE graduates and to provide constructive feedback on improving the CFE programme. Current CFEs only may go to www.linkedin.com to join. (NOTE: This group is for CFEs only. Candidates may apply to join after certification.)
  • Professional Standing - The CFE designation brings a highly professional level of communications and contacts. The certification is evidence not just of years of training and experience but also a commitment of continuing education to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Programme Objectives

  • To equip you with the expert knowledge and skills required to enhance your career prospects in franchising.
  • To upgrade your educational and professional standing by earning the CFE designation. 
  • To establish you as a trained franchising professional with the highest professional and ethical standards. 
  • To provide you with opportunities to network amongst your peers in the franchising industry. 

Who Should Attend

  • Potential and current franchisors and franchisees.
  • Anyone interested in the potential business opportunities by a franchising enterprise. 

Entry Requirements

An educational standard of at least equivalent to recognized Diploma/GCE 'A' Level, with at least 3 years working experience. Those without the relevant educational qualifications but with relevant franchising related work experience may be considered on a case by case basis.

Programme Structure

As a CFE candidate, you will build expertise and programme credits through participation in on-going CFE education programmes. You need at least 3500 credits to be able to apply to the ICFE Board of Governors for the CFE designation.

The programme is divided into four areas:

1. Education Credits

You will be required to earn at least 1900 credits through participation in ICFE-approved seminars/workshops in the following recommended core competency areas:

  • Franchise Management.
  • Franchise Gobalization. 
  • Franchise Industries. 
  • Personal Career Development.

If you hold the Specialist Diploma in Franchise and Enterprise Management (SDFEM) from Ngee Ann Polytechnic; you will be accredited with 800 education credits.

2. Online Curriculum Credits

ICFE offers a wide range of continuing education programmes. These include courses offered by the ICFE's IFA-University.com (http://www.ifa-university.com/home/) You must earn up to 600 credits from such courses registered through FLA (Singapore). 

If you hold the SDFEM, you will be accredited with 200 online credits so will only require 400 online credits.

3. Participation Credits

All CFE candidates may earn up to maximum 500 credits by taking part in ICFE approved events, including:

  • FLA membership or another national franchise association recognized by the World Franchise Council (WFC).
  • FLAsia international Exhibition, Conference/ Workshops.
  • The International Franchise Association (IFA) Annual Conventions.
  • Other approved franchising exhibitions, shows, meetings, etc.

4. Experience Credits

All CFE candidates may earn up to 500 credits for past work or training experiences:

  • Career/work experience as a franchisor/franchisee or other franchising professional can earn you 100 credits for each year of work experience.
  • You may also earn credits for ICFE approved franchisor-sponsored/franchisee training programmes.

Programme Duration, Fees & Registration

For more information on programme duration, fees and registration, click here.

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