Munch Saladsmith Signs On New Franchisees During FLAsia 2013 Showcase

Munch Saladsmith conducted a franchise agreement signing at FLAsia 2013. New franchisees, married couple Philip and Melda, committed to the franchise by signing on the dotted line with Munch Saladsmith owner, Edwin Ng.

From left: Melda and Philip, new franchisees; Edwin, Owner of Munch Saladsmith.

From left: Melda and Philip, new franchisees; Edwin, Owner of Munch Saladsmith.

But it wasn't an easy process for the new franchisees to decide on a business opportunity, and what's more, one that they really liked and believed in. The married couple recalls an intensive 2-3 months prior to the decision, "We had performed our own research and considered many brands and spoke to many other franchisors." When queried about the deciding factor that eventually led to Munch as their top choice, Philip and Melda simply quipped with a chuckle, "We like Edwin".

Adding on, "Although Munch as a franchise is small in terms of number of units, we chose them because we see the potential and wanted to grow with them. Here, we would be able to have direct conversations with the franchisor. But if we were to take up an established franchise outfit with many units, chances are we may not even get a chance to meet with the franchisor throughout the whole process. Besides, we feel a certain chemistry with Edwin and more importantly, we trust him."

The married couple see the franchise agreement as a prelude to a long term partnership with no limitations, perhaps even looking to enter other Southeast Asian countries. However, both the franchisor and franchisees agreed that quality should take precedence over quantity, and wanted to focus on optimizing the brand in the Singapore market before exploring the option of overseas territories together.

On a concluding note, Philip and Melda mentioned that they liked the work done by Astreem Consulting, the company that facilitated the franchise process, finishing off with, "We wouldn't go into business with them if we didn't like them, no complaints!".

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