Snackz It is a delightful concept that fuses Taiwanese snacks with other global snack concepts. It is a kiosk set up that offers crispy chicken and other snack items that can be customized to suit the customer’s preferences in flavours. The shop has a colourful and stylish design that brings out the ambience of fun dining, quick and casual service, and great tasting products.


Defying logic that deep fried food lacks tenderness, Snackz It!'s recipe preserves the moisture and tenderness of the meat without compromising on the crisp factor of its exterior.


Basic Franchise Info

Franchise Fee: $30,000 (Single Unit), $75,000 onwards (Area), $120,000 onwards (Master)

Franchise Term: 5 Years (Single Unit), Term for Area/Master rights will depend on territory

Royalty: 5% of turnover

Marketing Fund: 2% of turnover

Investment Per Unit: Please request for more information

Unit Size: 150 sq. ft.

*Prices are in Singapore Dollar terms otherwise stated.

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