At Munch, we hold dear the principle of only eating good, natural, great tasting food. That’s why we say no to preservatives, additives, flavourings and all kinds of nasties that contaminate our food.

Established in 2005, Munch Saladsmith has grown from a humble little salad shop to a major player in today's market. Today, Munch is a high street concept that is premised upon fresh food designed to satisfy a busy and discerning health conscious public.

But they haven't forgotten about their customers or the basics - good food comes from the heart and that's what is the most difficult to replicate. Munch will never give anything to customers what they will not take themselves.


What is uniquely different about Munch is the wide selection of freshly tossed salads available. Instead of choosing individual salad portions over the counter, Munch has crafted over 60 (and counting!) different salad flavours that are rotated on a seasonal basis. Coupled with winning smiles and cheerful staff, customers can expect service that will rocks their socks off.

The Munch Promise

Variety - Customers can always count on Munch to whip up an ever expanding repertoire of fresh menu offerings made right in the  kitchen - it never gets boring.

Speed - The greatest gift Munch can give to all time-conscious individuals out there. Pre-tossed salads keep the line moving fast, which is simply perfect for those in a hurry.

Distinct Personality - Fun, jolly and a bit on the quirky side, Munch takes the notion of 'playing with your food' up one notch by taking the food we eat and imbuing them with personalities. So the carrot, cucumber and broccoli all come alive for your entertainment.

Munch is focused on not only crafting food that is natural and wholesome but also creating a gastronomic experience for all customers by using only the freshest ingredients and preparing everything in their very own kitchens.


Munch is looking for franchisees who can join them in making their quest for fresh food domination a reality. Someone passionate about eating no evil and making series dough. Someone who is...

  • Dead serious about setting up a profitable business peddling salads, sandwiches, hot entrées and platters for sophisticated urbanites everywhere.
  • Keen to unleash his/her burning entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Serious about giving their all into growing their franchise.

So let Munch get fresh with you, like you've always wanted them to. Ready to give Munch a go?

Basic Franchise Info

Franchise Fee: $40,000 onwards (Single Unit), Fee for Master rights will depend on territory

Franchise Term: 3 years (Single Unit), 10 years (Master)

Royalty: 5% of turnover

Marketing Fund: 1% of turnover

Investment Per Unit: Please request for more information

Unit Size: 400 sq. ft.

*Prices are in Singapore Dollar terms otherwise stated.

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