Franchise Discovery Day: Squeezed! - 23rd Apr 2015 (Singapore)

Event Details

Date: 23rd Apr 2015

Time: 10:30am

Venue: Kallang Leisure Park, #01-12 (Singapore)

Event Organizer

This event is organized by Astreem Consulting.


Squeezed! is one of the sexiest and trendiest food and beverage franchises  in Singapore. It is a cold pressed juice and yoghurt bar that is passionately insistent on putting only the freshest and most wholesome foods into everyone cups and plates.


Why Getting 'Squeezed!' Is Just Right For You

  1. Most new food and beverage franchisees aspire to own the next stylish, sexy and profitable franchise. If you are too, then this might be the answer for you!
  2. Squeezed! is the brain child of a successful franchise coffee chain, Joe & Dough, a dedicated franchisor, focused on giving aspirants an opportunity to own a successful business. With their experience in marketing, branding and operations in franchising, new business owners will be well taken care of.
  3. With their experience in running cafes and understanding the labour issue in Singapore, the people behind Squeezed! have designed their operation processes with minimum requirement for staffing. This means, less staffing problems and more profits!
  4. Their close relationship with suppliers allows franchisees to gain access to cheaper goods. This brings down the cost of goods, contributing to a higher profit margin.
  5. Opening a Squeezed! outlet will require just minimal space as their equipment will not occupy much space or incur heavy overhead charges. 

The creators have spent considerable amount of time in researching, developing and testing new products to keep the brand fresh and exciting. For example, they have created the Original Squeezed! Bun that is unique and is one of their hottest selling items on the menu. The buns are freshly baked and come straight from the oven every day. Every few months, they also create new, vibrant combinations of cold pressed juice to cater to different audiences.

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