iAdvisory Workshop: Exporting Food Products To And Setting Up Food Services In Indonesia - 5th to 12th Mar 2015 (Singapore & Jakarta, Indonesia)

Event Details

Date: 5th to 12th Mar 2015

Time: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Venue: Singapore & Jakarta, Indonesia.

Event Organizer

This workshop is organized by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore).


Fee: SGD1,875
This workshop is PIC claimable. (SGD750 after PIC).

*Airfare and accommodation not included. Recommended flights and accommodation will be advised upon registration.

A 5-day programme specially designed for Singapore food manufacturers and food service players to develop their market entry strategies into Indonesia. The workshop will be held in both Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia.


Why You Should Participate

  • Develop a market entry strategy for your products and services through this workshop.
  • Gain insights of the F&B sector and feedback about your products and services in Indonesia through a combination of workshops with trainers from Orissa International and site visits to a food distributor, a food service player, supermarkets and a food logistics distributor in Indonesia.
  • Network with IE Singapore, SingCham and other Singapore companies operating in Indonesia.
  • Benefit from government access and on-the-ground assistance and advice from IE Singapore’s overseas centre in Jakarta.

Who Should Participate

CXOs, Business owners, Business development directors of Singapore food manufacturers and food service players with a keen interest to export to or set up operations in Indonesia.


5th Mar 2015
9:30am to 12:00pm

Workshop conducted by Frontier Strategy Group on:

  • Overview   of Indonesia’s economy, demographics and political landscape.
  • Opportunities in Indonesia.
  • Short, Medium and Long term prospects for Indonesia.
  • Consumption Centres in Indonesia, outside of Jakarta.
  • 2015 Global events and their impact on Indonesia’s economy.

6th Mar 2015
9:30am to 2:00pm

Workshop conducted by Angeline Suparto Law Corporation on:

  •   Overview on the types of business set-up for the retail sector.
  •   Franchising & Licensing in Indonesia.
  •   Legal considerations when appointing a distributor in Indonesia.
  •   Understanding IP and Trademark in Indonesia.
  •   Negotiating deals in Indonesia.

10th Mar 2015
Full day
Jakarta, Indonesia

Workshops conducted by Orissa International and Frontier Strategy Group’s in-market FMCG expert on:

  •   Developing an export strategy for Indonesia.
  •   Understanding Indonesia’s food sector.
  •   Branding and marketing for the Indonesian market.
  •   Understanding the climate for food manufacturing in Indonesia.

Site Visits

  • Visit local supermarkets, Food Hall and Ranch Market, to understand the following from their store managers:
    • Consumer behaviour.
    • In-store promotion strategies commonly adopted in Indonesia.
    • How to get your products listed in Indonesian supermarkets.
  • Visit to Isamaya Jaya (Indonesian food   services company) to learn about the challenges of setting up in Indonesia,   specifically in the areas of marketing and operations.

11th Mar 2015
Full day
Jakarta, Indonesia

Workshop conducted by Orissa International on:

  • Market entry strategy for Indonesia on:
    • Trade regulations, customs and standards.
    • Channel entry methods.
    • Marketing collaterals, pricing and contract.

Site Visits

  • Meeting with successful Singapore food company in Indonesia:
    • How to work successfully with your Indonesian partners and supplier.
    • Understanding challenges as a foreign company in Indonesia.
  •   Visit a renowned Indonesian Food Distributor, PT Sukanda Jaya.
    • Understand what food distributors are looking for in potential suppliers.
    • Understand the best channel for their food product in Indonesia.

Networking Dinner

  • Networking session with IE Singapore, SingCham and other Singapore companies operating in Indonesia.

12th Mar 2015
Full day
Jakarta, Indonesia

Workshops conducted by BDO & Mitra Adi Perkasa on:

  • Costs involved in doing business in Indonesia: Understanding Rental in, Corporate Taxes and Understanding HR Recruitment.

Site Visit

  • Visit to Kamadjaja Logistics, a food logistics distribution facility.
    • Understand food distribution from a logistics perspective in Indonesia.

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