7 Things You’re Doing Wrong On Your Website

Whether you have a business or a personal website, whether you admit it or not, website visitors are important. Now, if you do have a few hundred or thousand hits, these would mean nothing unless people actually stay on your site and browse through it. Every time you go on the Internet, what drives you to visit a website? What makes you close that window to a site right away? Most likely, it could be one of the 7 things listed down below.

Whether you have an existing website, or you are planning on setting up one, here’s a guide on what NOT to do. Just stay away from these 7 things website owners do on their site and your site should be good.

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1. The Website Is Too Text-heavy

Text-heavy simply means that there are just too many words on a webpage. Most website visitors would only take a few seconds or minutes to look at your page before they realise that something is too long to read. If you want to get your message across, do it through photos, taglines, quick phrases and bullets, and videos.

2. The Website’s Loading Time Takes More Than A Couple Of Seconds

There are a lot of people who are just so impatient, and if you can’t get their attention within a couple of seconds, then you just lost that chance. If it takes more than seconds just to open your website, it has been written that 40% of your visitors will just close the window. Especially if you are planning on selling on your website, you must give importance to this. Usually, you can request your hosting company to help you out by rerouting traffic should there be more traffic in your site than usual. You must also consistently monitor the requests for downloads on your site and if there’s more than what your server can handle, make adjustments as needed.

3. The Website Cannot Be Opened On Mobile Devices

Did you know that when it comes to Internet usage, 60% actually happens on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets? If your website is not optimised for all screens from a 4-inch smartphone to a large desktop monitor, then your site visitors wouldn’t probably visit your site. Imagine scrolling left to right and back again when browsing on your iPhone. Would you really bother to do that?

4. There Are Useless Pop-ups On The Website

Who likes pop-ups especially if there are just too many of them? 90 to 95% of respondents on a survey said they absolutely hate pop-ups as it just interrupts the browsing experience. In fact, Google has already released an algorithm to determine too many ads and pop-ups on a website, and if your site is found to be one like this, your site will be penalised. You can still have ads on your site. As much as possible, make them smaller and not in the way of the very purpose why your site visitor is there in the first place. If you should have pop-ups, make it minimal and have it appear only after a period of time that a site visitor has already stayed on your page. This way, you can be quite sure that the website visitor is already interested with what your site has to offer, and they won’t mind being interrupted for a second by a pop-up.

5. The Website Has Videos That Automatically Play

While this is an ongoing advertising trend, it is annoying. No one wants to be surprised by that sudden noise on the speakers especially if a website visitor is browsing in school or in the office. Most likely, they’d just close the window where that sound is coming from. If you want to have an autoplay video or audio ad on your website, avoid frustration of website visitors by setting it on mute mode. If a site visitor finds that video interesting, he or she will bring up the volume.

6. Buying Products From The Website Is Just Too Much Hassle

If you plan on selling on your website, the awesomeness of your product and service should not be enough—the process of buying should be a good experience as well. Make sure that platforms are secure and as much as possible don’t lead your customer to a whole new website to make a purchase. There are websites who actually do this “two-site syndrome” practice and more often than not, people just won’t make a purchase as it can be frustrating.

7. The Website Has Poor Customer Service

Superb customer service is a must for any website that plans on selling just about anything. You should have your contact numbers easily available on your website rather than hiding it on a page within another page. You can also have chat widgets on your website where customers can chat with a customer service representative immediately. If customers get their questions answered right away, most likely they would love your company and would come back in the future.

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