3 Ways Franchisors Contribute To Franchisee Struggles

Although franchisors start off by wanting their franchisees to succeed, sometimes their actions (or in-actions) contribute to the struggles of franchisees. Unfortunately and unknowingly, even with the best of intentions, some franchisors fail to help franchisees attain their goals. So ask yourself - are you doing something that is piling on to franchisee woes?

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1. Playing The "Blame Game"

When franchisees do not follow the specificed guidelines, instead of immediately demanding, “Off with his head!”, franchisors should try to understand why certain parts of the system are not being implemented, even when contractually-bound. Rather than assume errant franchisees have a built-in rebel streak, it may be better to first look within the system and figure out if there is something there that is more of a burden than an aid.

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2. Focusing On External Aspects Instead Of Internally

When franchisee efforts are churning out sub-par sales performance, the most often given advice is to kick in some sort of advertising to induce customers. Not that this is wrong, but it may not go down well with franchisees because they are already unhappy with their investment returns and now you’re saying they need to spend more. In reverse, approach the problem from within - look at the delivery channel and quality of the product or service being offered, and figure out if there are any bad habits formed.

3. Dumping Unrealistic Expectations On A Novice

Don’t forget how it was for you when starting the business, it took a long time to perfect the processes and figure out what works. So don’t expect your franchisees to become experts overnight once franchise training is completed because they are still new at executing your operations. The franchisee is now in that spot you were previously but the difference is, they have you on their side.

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