Demystifying Franchising Myths In Singapore

Singaporean franchise brands are very much sought after in the Asia Pacific region and given the physical constraints in term of land mass, high cost structure and extremely tight labour market, our home grown brands really have no choice but to grow beyond Singapore.

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However in Singapore, franchising is treated just as one of the many ways of business growth but rarely as the main growth strategy. It is meant to be a lot more than that. Conceptualized around the Franchise Excellence Framework, our specially designed Franchise-ABLE sessions will introduce you to the 5 key pillars of Franchise Excellence: Franchise Leadership, Replicable Systems, Dynamic Franchise Culture, Franchise Unit Excellence and Franchisee Recruitment. They are to help franchisors build stronger brand value and expansion strategies. We hope that as a result of being a part of these interactive series, franchising can become your primary growth plan instead of you treating it as a business myth.

Almost all franchisors have the desire to expand their business. However, we stress that, simply having the desire is not enough. Brands owners must first be committed to franchising and must do relevant research before venturing. If brands just offer franchises as a way to increase their brand footprint, it will leave a lot of margin for brand management mismatch and underperformance by franchisees. This ultimately will lead to the unsustainability of the franchise system; leaving both the franchisor and franchisee quite disillusioned and disappointed by franchising. To avoid such pitfalls, the franchisors must first understand the key pillars of excellent franchise organizations.


Established in 2005, Astreem Consulting is a Singapore based franchise consultancy firm that specialises in helping brands to internationalise through customised growth strategies including franchise development, business matching, branding and business excellence automation. With its proven track record of delivering measurable results and increasing net profit value for its clients, Astreem Consulting ensures that its clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable franchise organisations and secure lasting results.

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