Paying Beyond The Design Price Tag

Information is the lifeblood of a business and communication is essential for all businesses. To effectively convey information, graphic design or communication design is necessary. In the commercial scene, there are three groups of people. People who buy designs - the client; people who make designs — the designer; and people who consume designs — the consumer.

There are many clients who do not grasp the importance of effective marketing and communication design. Often, when they buy designs, they would go for the lowest price quote rather than the ones which are priced higher and promise better value. There is really nothing wrong with going for the lowest price because not all cheap designs are bad. Likewise, not all expensive designs do good for your business. Ultimately, the sole discretion of which offer to take, lies in the steward’s hands. Are you a brand steward who buys designs? When you procure designs, do you really know what you are paying for?

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“That Branding Agency Created Our Brand Identity For $700.”

Congratulations! Oh, wait a minute… Your business targets the highbrow market. But the brand identity created by the branding agency appeals only to the senses of the lowbrow market. Your target audience gives you the cold shoulder because your brand does not resonate with them. Congratulations not. Your business suffers from poor brand positioning. You lose priceless audience as a result of going for the lowest design price tag.

“My Logo Designer Created Our Business Logo For $20.”

That’s a steal! You’ve just got a new retail location and you’re getting a signage. You hand the logo to the signage maker. He comes back to you, requesting for a high resolution logo in EPS or AI format. The JPEG logo is not adequate but that’s all you have. The signage maker impose additional charges for retracing your logo. You end up paying more and complicating work processes by choosing the lowest logo price tag.

“My Web Designer Designed My Business Website For $700.”

Great deal! You’re probably only getting a five-page website. You have to provide them with written content and amateur photos taken on your smart phone. Your business website ends up as an amateur itself. You are contented though and anticipated it to bring in sales. Months passed and not a single lead came from your website. You scratch your head, wondering why. Your website brings zero sales because it does not rank well on search engine ranked pages. Poor content and unsound website structure are the causes. You’ve paid for an incompetent website by going for the cheapest price. Was it a good deal you’ve made? Think again.

“That Graphic Design Agency Designed Our Company Brochure For $150.”

Let’s discuss. Like all marketing collaterals, the difference between an ordinary and good brochure design lies in the latter, having the ability to convince the audience to react to your marketing call. More than often, when you get a lowly-priced design quote, you can only expect to receive desktop publishing (DTP) level of skills to craft your brochure. DTP does not require extensive digital imaging and a creative process. The designer simply collate all your images and textual content to turn them into marketing collaterals. Graphic design however, involves the creative process of coming up with design concepts, ideas and graphical arrangements to communicate your marketing message. Graphic design or communication design helps businesses make effective communication and brings a favourable impact to their bottomline. Good design convinces your audience to act to your call-to-action. When you buy a brochure design for $150, most likely you are only paying for a brochure that does not yield conversions.

The next time you buy designs, know what you are really paying for! Size up the capability of the designers you are hiring by examining their portfolio. Anticipate the value they’ll bring to your business. Consider the consumers. Does your designs pay attention to your audience? People ignores designs that ignore people! Make good judgement today so you wouldn’t end up paying beyond the design price tag! Remember… poor design creates negative brand sentiments and good design brings positive associations!

PIRR is a graphic design agency in Singapore that provides a myriad of communication design services. We are focused in branding, logo, web and graphic design. Our creative studio believes in connecting and synthesising experiences to bring forth good creations. Creations that are apt to uphold our client’s proposition and creations that are sufficient to make favourable impact to their bottomline. Want to impress your audience with good designs? Contact us for a free design consultation!

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