Suit Up For Your "A Game"

Eighty percent of success is showing up
— Woody Allen

Just wishing for great things to happen, just hoping for what you want and need, just dreaming about success isn’t going to just happen unless you suit up and get ready to play your “A Game”.

In his book “GO FOR THE GOLD”  Eric Harvey writes “If you don’t fully show up, neither will success” He elaborates that showing up means:

  1. Being Physically present.
  2. Being Mentally focused.
  3. Being Emotionally committed.

In franchising, Franchise Mind™ presents the concept of ‘Focused Execution’ by the franchisor. A deliberate and engaged execution of the strategy to create success for everyone in the franchise eco-system.

It is not merely sufficient to designate oneself as a franchisor, or to have the necessary legal documents prepared or to even mechanically perform activities to attract potential franchisees. Being suited up for your “A Game” requires not just your physical presence but being fully engaged and committed to your success.

In any business there are always multiple priorities, opportunities challenges and distraction. Yes, distractions most of the time disguised as activities. Most businesses and people are constantly in reactive mode, so wound up with the day’s fire fighting and completely oblivious to the priorities of the business that drive success. Not being able to ‘see the forest for the trees’.

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Truly successful companies and leaders are successful because they are:

1. Physically Present

Being present and fully aware of what is happening around them. If we were to use a trade show analogy, it isn’t sufficient to just show up in an embroidered logo shirt at the booth and expect that the tradeshow will be successful. Yes, that is the first requirement, showing up. However, being physically present requires being aware of ‘things’ happening around you: are the brochures lined up properly, is the light falling in the right place, will the plant come in the way of people wanting to come inside the booth and the many other things happening both inside and outside the booth that can affect how the game is being played.

2. Mentally Focused

Together with physical presence is required focus on the outcome. Continuing the trade show analogy, being prepared to answer objections from trade show participants, being prepared to answer questions, being prepared to present your offering with passion and conviction and having multiple scenarios outlined in your head based on the direction of the conversation with a prospect. The mental focus is such that you are able to concentrate on achieving the desired outcome.

3. Emotionally Committed

A vast majority of people desire, dream or hope to succeed but are not willing to do what is required to achieve that dream. To do what is required to succeed is much harder than wishing to succeed. Renowned Master of Vedanta, HH Swami Chinmayananda so aptly says “Some act till they meet obstacles, others act in spite of obstacles, and conquer them; but some act not, fearing the possibility of obstacles, that might arise enroute.”

In our trade show analogy, the fear of rejection stops many from following up with prospects they have chatted with at the trade show. Of course their actions are nicely packaged with intellectually sound rationalizations. At the end, it is a demonstration of the lack of an emotional commitment to success.

Being a world-class franchisor, a world-class business owner, a world-class executive, a world-class athlete, a world-class in anything requires you to play your “A Game” at all times. You cannot choose to show up some days and not show up on others. You must be suited up and ready to give it your all. Are you prepared to be world-class?

In any field of work success demands that you show up not just with your body, but being fully prepared to play the game to the best of your ability, being focused on winning and being committed to do what is necessary to being world-class.

As Author, Seth Godin says, “GO! Make something happen.”

I welcome your thoughts.


Harish Babla, Managing Director of Franchise Mind Corporation based in San Diego, USA.

Harish is a successful entrepreneur, a business visionary, an inspiring franchise leader, a mentor to many companies and a growth strategist who has honed his franchise skills in various capacities since 1983. Harish is passionate about growing franchise companies and helping others achieve their dreams of building successful global franchise companies by ensuring the highest standards of franchise excellence with a strong focus on growth and operating results.

Harish is a Certified Franchise Executive as designated by the International Franchise Association and conducts learning events and mentoring for numerous companies all over the world.

Harish can be reached at

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