Maximize Your Franchise Search

Leverage on franchise expertise to increase your chances of success in your franchise search! 

For people looking to own a business, franchising is a great way to start. However, selecting a franchise can be a very daunting task especially in Asia. This is because the franchise industry is not as mature as the US or European markets. Those new to franchising would require information and advice on selecting the right brand to franchise.


Why Should Potential Franchisees Seek Out Consultants That Specialize In Franchise Marketing? 

  • Get market information and trends.
  • Get insights into brands. 
  • Save time and energy. 
  • Get pre-scanned brands. 
  • Location search with help of experienced property partners. 
  • Service is usually free to franchisees.

A franchise consultant could ease the way in terms of offering franchises that best fit the requirements of the potential franchisee without themselves engaging in the search entirely on their own. Seasoned franchise consultants have a pool of pre-scanned brands that are ready to franchise and can help franchisees consolidate information from one source. Owners can also tap into the experience of consultants, understand the intent of various key commercial terms in each franchise and be informed of new trends in the market to help further their research.

And because consultants are deeply involved during the birth of a new franchised unit, commonly encountered problems are discovered and effective ways to solve it are created in the process which provides value add to new franchisees. This not only helps in creating a smoother transition from an individual's to a new business owner but also helps in shortening the learning curve.

Regular contact with their franchise consultants can help potential franchisees find out about latest developments and new franchise brands out in the market, giving franchisees early mover advantage. Having a good relationship with consultants can help franchisees to understand the owners behind the brands, thus making the franchise acquisition process a more fruitful process. 


Established in 2005, Astreem Consulting is a Singapore based franchise consultancy firm that specialises in helping brands to internationalise through customised growth strategies including franchise development, business matching, branding and business excellence automation. With its proven track record of delivering measurable results and increasing net profit value for its clients, Astreem Consulting ensures that its clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable franchise organisations and secure lasting results.

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